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Where the Pain is, the Problem is not,’  said Dr Ida Rolf.

Pain can be a complex issue, and there are many strategies available to identify its source, reduce it, prevent it or eliminate it altogether.

Does pain limit your activities?

It doesn’t have to!

I typically work with professional men and women aged 50 – 60 who have suffered with low back pain for 3 months or longer. I help them get out of pain so that they can become more active, enjoy better health and live life to the full.

‘Make Time for your Health today, to have Health for your Time tomorrow.’


Bright and spacious massage therapy room with treatment table and wash basin in the corner.

Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

‘A warm, peaceful environment. The perfect setting for a relaxing massage.’ T Le R (NLSSM)

What health changes do you want to make?

If you are in pain, finding the right health professional is crucial. Determining if I am the ideal Healthcare Practitioner to support you is a collaborative process.  As part of this commitment, I offer a complimentary 15-minute exploratory call to prospective clients. Your well-being is paramount, and I am dedicated to ensuring you receive the most suitable care.

Female Massage Therapist with group of runners


Certified Soft Tissue Therapist supporting inspirational runners at the prestigious London Marathon. I graduated from NLSSM with a Level 5 Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy in 2012.

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Book on Back pain on a table next to a cup of coffee

During Covid-19 lockdown, I was invited to co-author a book on managing back pain. The book reached No.1 best seller in its category on Amazon.

Woman wearing white medical tunic standing next to a therapy table in a clinic setting
A smiling female Soft Tissue Therapist standing next to an Electrotherapy Machine, used to reduce pain in musculoskeletal conditions.

Electrotherapy is  one of several treatment options to reduce musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.  Therapeutic Ultrasound and Interferential are known to enhance the healing process in injured tissue.

(Esposito et al., 1984,  Fabrizio et al., 1996, (Watson, 2000,   Wyper et al., 1978, Hogan et al., 1982).

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